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45605 HID Litebox 12 VDC Vehicle Mount Rechargeable System

$1,375.18 (including GST)
$25.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Product Description

A lantern wont light the area? The Streamlight HID Searchlight will. 1,000,000 candlepower provide the necessary intensity and peripheral illumination

Video - The HID Litebox

The One Million Candela (peak beam intensity) High-Intensity Discharge Search Light that Illuminates Objects One Mile Away! The H.I.D. LiteBox® has the intensity and peripheral illumination to light an entire scene; plus navigation LEDs for low-light maneuvering. Ideal for field maintenance, inspection of construction sites and remote equipment, it’s a heavy-duty, rechargeable, completely portable high intensity search that does it all.

Datasheet 45605 Vehicle Mounted HID Litebox

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  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range high intensity focused, one million candela peak beam intensity beam

  • Optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting

  • Fully articulating head can be aimed precisely at target

  • Two White Navigation LEDs

  • 5 Watt H.I.D Xenon lamp: 3350 Lumens, 1,000,000 candela (peak beam intensity); 2000 hr. min. lifetime

  • White 5mm LED (x2): 9 Lumens (each), Impervious to shock with a 100,000 hr. lifetime

  • Runtime: H.I.D. lamp: up to 1.75 hrs, LEDs: 100 hrs.+

  • Gr oove for IR filter

  • Cushioned-grip handle

  • Integral D-rings allow attachment of the included shoulder strap

  • Elastomer impact bumper

  • High-impact ABS thermoplastic housing and weatherproof construction

  • Fits existing LiteBox® Mounting Racks

  • Zero-maintenance 12V, 7.2Ah sealed lead acid rechargeable up to 500 times

  • Serialized for positive identification

  • Available in International safety orange or black

  • Length: 380 mm

  • Body Width: 13 cm

  • Overall Height: 23 cm

  • Head Diameter: 20cm

  • Weight with battery: 4.6 kg

  • Limited lifetime warranty. HID LiteBox Rechargeable Batteries and HID LiteBox Chargers have a one (1) year warranty with proof of purchase. HID LightBox Bulbs have a six (6) month warranty with proof of purchase.

Accessories and Spare Parts (click on image for details)

22051 DC1 Charge cord

22051 DC1 charge cord

22050 DC2 Direct wire charge cord

DC2 Direct wire charge cord

44050 Quick release strap

Quick release strap

45232 Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap

40163 Locking device (keyed differently) - must be factory installed

40163 locking device keyed differently

40164-525 Locking device (keyed alike) - must be factory installed

40164-525 locking device keyed alike

45630 Battery - HID Litebox

45630 Battery - HID Litebox

45637  HID bulb kit

Litebox HID bulb kit

45638 HID lens/reflector assembly

45638 HID lens/reflector assembly

45654 HID IR filter

HID IR filter

45657 HID flood lens

45657 HID Flood Lens

Other Details

Light source:
Run time:
1.5 hours
Sealed Lead Acid
380 mm
4.6 kg

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