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2780R Headlamp

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Product Description

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    This rechargeable industrial headlamp has a 127 metre beam distance and a maximum run time of 11 hours


    2780R ANSI Specifications


    The most powerful headlamp in the Pelican™ line is now available! Meet the 2780R. With 558 lumens of brilliant light, USB lithium ion rechargeable battery along with a host of features, the 2780R makes for one of the most intriguing headlamps. The easy grip dial provides selection of the Main LED which illuminates everything in front with a beam distance of 127 meters, the Downcast LED illuminates everything below in a wide diffused pattern providing safe pathways, illuminated reading spaces and allowing for non-blinding face to face conversations, both beams combined, or a helpful flashing mode round out the forward light outputs. The easy grip dial also incorporates a push to select High / Medium / Low settings. Additional features offered in the 2780R are a unique rear mounted battery pack that provides full time battery level indication, charging levels and a rear mounted red LED safety light.

    The Pelican™ 2780R Rechargeable LED Headlamp: The very best in hands free lighting.





    • Three lighting modes plus flashing

       front facing high - 333 lumens, 2.75 hour run time

       front facing medium - 152 lumens, 4.25 hour run time

       front facing low - 68 lumens, 11 hour run time

        downcast high - 347 lumens, 3 hour run time

       downcast medium - 156 lumens, 4.25 hour run time

       downcast low - 70 lumens, 11 hour run time

       front + downcast high - 558 lumens, 2 hour run time

        front + downcast medium - 213 lumens, 3 hour run time

       front + downcast low - 95 lumens, 7.5 hour run time

        flashing - 333 lumens

    • Front facing and downcast LEDs

         lights up area in front and below

    • Beam range 127 metres

    • Pivoting head

    • Rotary knob to select mode

    • Pushbutton switch on the knob allows you to select between the three brightness levels in that mode

    • Lithium-ion battery (included)

    • Battery is recharged via a USB port on the inside of the battery pack

    • Recharge time - 360 minutes

    • Charging indicators:

         3 blue blinking LEDs: 0-25%

         1 blue blinking LED: 25-50%

         1 solid blue LED and one blinking blue LED: 50-75%

         2 solid blue LEDs and one blinking blue LED: 75-100%

         3 solid blue LEDs: fully charged

    • IPX4 rated water resistant

    • built-in battery status indicator (located on battery pack)

         3 blue LEDs - 75 to 100%

         2 blue LEDs - 50 to 75%

         1 blue LED - 25 to 50%

         1 blinking blue LED - less than 25%


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