About Us

About Us  

This has been written by myself, Bob Heelan, the owner, and I can be contacted on Mobile 0411 639 910 or by email on info@industrialtorches.com.au

If do not answer the phone, I am probably with a customer or driving. Sorry, but I don’t use phones at all while driving so please leave a message and I will call you back.

The starting Point

Please call if you need assistance in selecting or want comment on your choice.

Your selection may be inadequate for the job or you may be paying for performance and features you don’t need. Many customers come to us by referral. We don’t want dissatisfied customers telling an opposite story.

How can we help you?

We have Intrinsically Safe torches, Lanterns and Area Lighting that are accredited to these standards –  ATEX Zone 0; IECEx ia; IECEx ib; IECEx ic; Class I, Division 1; Class I, Division 2; Class II, Division 1; Class II, Division 2; Class III, Division 1 and Class III, Division 2. Both Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable types are included.

Pelican and Streamlight make more hazardous area safety approved torches, headlamps, scene lighting and remote area lighting systems than anyone else.

The Industrial, Fire and Rescue torches and lanterns and Area Lighting Systems are not simply products that conveniently fit these category names; they are products that have been designed for these applications. Of course there are some crossover products dictated by cost restrictions.

However, while lighting in hazardous atmospheres is a major problem, we have personal lighting solutions for many of your lighting problems

Headlamps for both distant observation and close wide field use.

Personal emergency lights with long life batteries.

Pocket and hand held torches in both non-rechargeable and rechargeable versions.

Photoluminescent torches that could be found when the lights went out.

Automatic Rechargeable torches that sensed mains power failure and turned on.

Right angle torches to be clipped onto protective clothing.

Torches with swivel heads that can be positioned with built in magnets or clips.

Firefighting torches with powerful narrow beams to minimise reflection.

FlexibleTorches with fibre optic necks to inspect confined areas.

Hand held spotlights.

Searchlights for swift water rescue.

Torches with strobe facility for police and security officers.

Scene lighting for large areas.

Large rechargeable lanterns for industrial maintenance.


There was no one providing solutions to such a broad range of problems so we decided to give it a go. That was in 2007 and we are still here.


Why did we choose only Pelican and Streamlight?

            Their Warranty Support and Quality of Product      

Our inquiries of Pelican and Streamlight resellers in the US regarding product quality and the application of Guarantees, assured us that we would be selling tough and reliable products that customers would be happy to recommend to others.

This has proved correct in that we have had only 19 legitimate warranty claims in 11 years. All legitimate claims were approved and the items repaired at no charge or replaced, including a 12 year old dive torch.