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The Industrial torches and lanterns category is our largest range of torches (flashlights) and lanterns.
There are intrinsically safe pocket LED torches, hand held LED torches (LED flashlights) and large LED lanterns, area lighting systems , scene lighting, LED penlights, LED key chain lights. Most have powerful wide beams, swivel heads and fastening clips or magnets for hands free use.
The waterproof LED torches, waterproof LED flashlights and waterproof lanterns are also chemical resistant making them ideal for industrial maintenance use.
For those who do not need waterproof, there are many splash proof and rain proof LED flashlights, LED headlamps, LED torches and LED lanterns.
The intrinsically safe LED torches, LED lanterns and LED headlamps are designed for harsh and hazardous environments where explosive or flammable atmospheres may exist. The range of international safety approvals including ATEX Zone 0, IECEx ia and IECEx ib will cover all situations.
We have also included sub-categories of Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable to make it easier for you to choose

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