Intrinsically Safe

How do I choose an intrinsically safe torch, lantern or headlamp for my application?

This is a simple task for an appropriately qualified person but a real worry for you or I as an incorrect choice could be disastrous.You will have to excuse me if this explanation is simplistic but for many of us, choosing an intrinsically safe torch is a one time purchase and we may not be aware of the legal implications and responsibilities and the possible tragic consequences of incorrect choice and use.

“Intrinsically Safe” is a general term used to describe any product that has been designed for use in a hazardous environment. It does not mean the product is designed for use in all hazardous environments.

You know what light output, beam distance, runtime etc that you need but please have your selection confirmed by a properly qualified and authorised occupational health and safety officer. This person should also advise you if there are any usage restrictions peculiar to your application.

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