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Pelican 2380BG2 Adjustable Focus Torch

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If you need an adjustable focus torch with a rugged aluminium case, waterproof and ultra bright then consider the Pelican focusable torch 2380BG2

Two Lighting Levels

Max Light Output – 372 Lumens

Max. Beam Distance – 167 Metres

Waterproof Aluminium Body



Specifications – Pelican 2380BG2 Focusable Torch

ANSI FLI Standard Measurement Results for Pelican 2380BG2 Tactical LED Torch

INSTANT SPOT TO FLOOD  –  A wide light beam illuminates your work area and a focused beam will light-up in the distance. A sliding mechanism instantly alters the beam distance from spot to flood and vice versa without compromising its

3 LIGHTING MODES  –  High ,low and strobe. This gives you control over maximising runtime by switching to the mode needed and not waste battery capacity.        Press  for high
Press again within 1 second for low
After 1 second in either mode, the next press turns the light off

COMPACT   –   Just 164mm long, 32mm in diameter and weighs only  187 grams.

BATTERY INDICATOR  –   Built-in battery level indicator ensures you will not be left in the dark.

ULTRA BRIGHT  –   372 lumen output projects a beam of 167 metres.

RUGGED  –   aerospace grade machined aluminum body with type II black anodised finish. equal high performance in a small package. A non-slip textured surface guarantees a sure grip and the tail switch can be operated with gloved hands. A removable pocket clip is also provided.

WATERPROOF  –  IPX7  –  Can be submerged to one metre for 30 minutes without any harmful effect.

WARRANTY  –  Pelican Products, Inc. guarantees its flashlights and headlamps for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries.

Parts and Accessories

2377 Belt Holster



2322YW Yellow Traffic Wand

2322OR Orange Traffic Wand

2469P Pack of 4 Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

Torches that do not have safety approvals for hazardous environments (are not intrinsically safe) and that use AA Alkaline batteries can also be run on AA NiMH batteries but with some variation in performance. You will require a charger suitable for 1.2V 2000mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Intrinsically safe torches must only use batteries specified by the Authority issuing the Safety Certificates of Conformance.

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