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Pelican 3345 Dual Beam LED Safety Torch

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Do you want to see where to put your feet and see ahead at the same time? Would it help to have a torch that measures the ambient light and automatically adjusts its brightness to the level you set. The Pelican 3345 does all that and is intrinsically safe.

Dual Beams – a flood beam for your work area and a spot beam for distance

The dual beam Pelican 3345 lights up anything at your feet and the spot beam lights up where you want to go to.

VIDEO– Pelican 3345 Dual Beam LED Safety Torches with Light Level Sensing


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Specifications -Pelican – 3345 Dual Beam Safety Approved Torches






SAFETY RATINGS   –   IECEx ia   –   Classes I, II and III, Division 1   (Links to the documentation will be inserted as soon as they become available)

VARIABLE LIGHTING SENSOR   –   It has a mind of its own so you don’t have to fumble with mechanical switches.  A variable light sensor measures the ambient light level and automatically the brightness.Up close as in work areas, it’s at a low level. However, it will adjust to full brightness at maximum distances.

RUNTIME   –   This automatic power regulation increases the effective run time to its maximum potential.

DUAL BEAM   –   The Flood Beam points at your feet, the Spot Beam ahead. You can see where you can safely walk and see where you can get to safely. If you have ever had to navigate in an unknown area you will know that alternatively waving a torch around to illuminate your feet and then walking blind while you look further ahead, can be awkward and unsafe.


Spot and Flood Beams simultaneously, as described above in Dual Beam.

A wide angle Flood Beam to provide illumination to a broad work area.

A single Spot Beam to maximise  distant observation.

HANDS FREE   –   While working on a job it can be switched to flood beam and clipped to a safety vest. When finished it can be left there or clipped to a utility belt.

INGRESS PROTECTION RATING   –   Rain is not a problem. It has an IP rating of IPX7 –  Can be submerged to one metre for 30 minutes without any harmful effect.

BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR   –   This is in the switch and operates continuously so you are constantly aware of the battery power level and not left with any suprises.


Size – Length 184mm,   Diameter 317mm

Material – Lens and body – Polycarbonate

Weight – 213 grams

Lamp life – 10,000 hours

WARRANTY –   Pelican Products, Inc. guarantees its flashlights and headlamps for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries.






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