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Pelican 7060LAPDG5 Rechargeable Police Torch – 402 lumens


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A Police Torch developed in partnership with the LAPD. They needed a torch that could be programmed to suit personal preferences and applications.

Regulated Light Output Control as batteries run down

3 light output levels plus strobe for defensive use

The Lithium –Ion battery  can be left on charge when not in use so that a fully charged torch is always available.





Specifications – Pelican 7060LAPDG5 Rechargeable Tactical LED Torches

ANSI FL1 Standard Measurement Results for the Pelican 7060 Rechargeable Flashlight


        High – 402 lumens, 3.5 hour runtime, 210 meter beam range
Medium – 162 lumens, 12 hour runtime, 131 meter beam range
Low – 18 lumens, 57 hour runtime, 45 meter beam range

REGULATED LIGHT OUTPUT CONTROL   –   With any torch of any manufacturer, the maximum light output, runtime and beam distance are measured with a fully charged battery. These figures gradually decrease as the battery voltage decreases. This occurs in a (very roughly) linear manner so that an “minimal acceptable” light level is reached at various depending on the application.

The 7060 has current regulating circuitry that increases the current as the battery voltage drops in order to provide the same power to the lamp at a near constant rate. This ensures that the light output remains at an acceptable level for a longer period before dropping off rapidly.


To select a program, partially and momentarily depress the button (do not click) the required number of times detailed below and on the last , click and hold until the light flashes the same number as the program number in acknowledgement.

Program 1 (Default)  –   High>Strobe>Medium>Low   –   8 Momentary presses   –   1 Confirmation flash

Program 2   –   High only   –   10 Momentary presses  –   2 Confirmation flashes

Program 3   –   High>Medium>Low>Flashing   –   12 Momentary presses  –   3 Confirmation flashes

Program 4   –   Low>Medium>High>Flashing   –   14 Momentary presses  –   4 Confirmation flashes

SELECTING MODES WITHIN A PROGRAM   –   To change the mode within the program you have selected, simply depress the button (do not click), once for each step in the program. Presses need to be within 0.5 second. Press the tail switch to turn off.

SWITCHES   –   Pushbutton switches  –  in the tail and mid body

INGRESS PROTECTION RATING   –  Rain is not a problem. The 7060 has an Ingress Protection rating of IPX4  – “ Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect” 

CONSTRUCTION   –   Body: Impact resistant Xenoy resin   –   Lens: Polycarbonate

INCLUSIONS   –   Rechargeable battery and single unit AC Desk charger

WARRANTY   –   Pelican Products, Inc. guarantees its flashlights and headlamps for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries.

WEIGHT   –   295 grams

BATTERY   –   Lithium-Ion – recharges in 4-5 hours

DIMENSIONS   –   Length:  220mm    Head diameter:  45mm


Parts and Accessories

7052OR Orange Traffic Wand for the Pelican 7060LAPD Torch

7052YW Yellow Traffic Wand for the Pelican 7060LAPD Torch

7060FBC Five Bank Charger for the Pelican 7060LAPD Torch

7069 Rechargeable Battery for the 7060LAPD

7070 Desk Charging Cradle for the 7060LAPD Torch


8056F Vehicle Power Adaptor

7075 Belt Holster  for the 7060LAPD and 7070R Torches

7077 Belt Holster  for the 7060LAPD and 7070R Torches

7078 Cordura Belt Holster for the 7060LAPD and 7070R Torches

7070RWH Belt Holster for Torch and Wands







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