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Pelican 2720 Gesture Activated Rainproof LED Headlamp

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Wet, oily hands? Could you use a gesture activated rainproof LED headlamp? Wave your hands to turn it ON or OFF, Output can be varied from 10% to 100%

Gesture activated

Adjustable focus

Additional red LED to preserve Night Vision

Variable light output




Specifications – Pelican 2720 Powerful Headlamp – 200 lumens

ANSI FL1 Measurement Results for the Pelican 2720 Headlamp


GESTURE ACTIVATION CONTROL  –  You don’t have to use small switches with gloved hands. It doesn’t matter if your hands are wet or greasy. You can turn this headlamp on or off with a wave of your hand. Movement more than 150mm away will not affect its operation. The IR button must be pressed first to activate this facility.

PRESERVATION OF NIGHT VISION  –  Two low level red LEDs can be used to preserve night vision. This feature cannot be used while Gesture Activation is operating.

RED SOS LIGHT  –  A red flashing light can be activated in an emergency.

MANUAL FOCUS  –  The beam can be altered simply with a slide lever, from wide to spot focus to suit your needs.

VARIABLE LIGHT OUTPUT   –  The light output can be varied from 10% to 100%. This puts you in control of maximising control of runtime by only using what you need. Press  the switch for high and hold it to dim to the level you want. This feature cannot be used while Gesture Activation is operating.

POWERFUL  –  200 lumens on high and 12 lumens on low with respective run times of 3 hours and 103 hours.  The beam distances are 82 metres and 20 metres.

STRAPS  –  Both head strap and a hard hat strap with four securing clips are included.

PIVOTING HEAD  –  allows you to alter the position for close or distant.

RAIN IS NOT A PROBLEM  –  It has been tested to meet the requirements of Ingress Protection rating IPX4


Gesture operation
Press the IR sensor button to enable gesture activation.
Wave your hand in front of the IR for high
Wave it again for off
The dimming feature and red output cannot be accessed when using gesture     mode
Manual operation (IR sensor button must be off)
press manual activation button for high (hold button to dim; release at desired   level)
press again within 2 seconds for red
press again within 2 seconds for red flashing





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