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Pelican 3715i Intrinsically Safe Right Angle torch

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Do you need a lightweight hands free right angle torch that lets you see into the distance as well as providing illumination where you need to walk or work?

Separate Downcast LEDs

Two Brightness Levels

Photoluminescent Shroud

Rain is not a problem

Flashing Mode for Safety

Intrinsically Safe – Class I, Division 1 and IECEx ia




Specifications – Pelican 3715i Intrinsically Safe Right Angle LED Torch


3 DOWNCAST LEDs – . They output 33 lumens and are directed to where you are walking. You don’t need to be moving the torch or carry another so that you can see where your next step can be. These three leds are in addition to the main beam.

INTRINSICALLY SAFE – Safety Approval links – Class I, Division 1 and IECEx ia

PHOTO-LUMINESCENT SHROUD – When the lights go out you will be able to find your torch. There are two versions, the 3715iYPL which is yellow with a photoluminescent shroud and the 3715iY which is yellow with a black shroud.

BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR – Three blue LEDs provide indication of the remaining battery capacity so you can check before you leave,

BATTERY DOOR TETHERED – This removes the possibility of dropping the door in the dark.

LIGHT and COMPACT – Weighing just 408 grams and being only 57mm deep, it is not awkward to wear on turnout gear

TWO BRIGHTNESS LEVELS –You can extend the battery runtime by choosing the output to suit your situation. 233 lumens or 113 lumens. 293 metre beam or 187 metre. If you only need the downcoast LEDs then 31 lumens and 30 metres will help further.

LARGE PUSH BUTTON SWITCH – It can be operated with a gloved hand. Press once for full power – main LED and downcast LEDs
Press twice within 2 seconds – half power for main LED and full power for downcast LEDs
Press 3 times within 2 seconds – downcast LEDs only

RAIN IS NOT A PROBLEM – The 3715iPL has an Ingress Protection rating of IPX4.  – Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect

FLASHING MODE FOR SAFETY – This can be activated in the event of incapacitation or emergency

A SECURE FUTURE (for a lifetime) – Pelican Products, Inc  guarantees its flashlights and headlamps for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries.


Parts and Accessories

3713PL Photoluminescent Shroud





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Black, yellow, Yellow +Photoluminescent


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