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Pelican 7000 Pocket Tactical LED Torch – 774 lumens

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This Tactical LED Torch produces 774 lumens – 4 light output levels including strobe for defensive use – all from a torch just 135mm long.

A small and rugged LED Tactical Flashlight

A continuous battery level indicator is incorporated

Can be converted to rechargeable

Waterproof – can be submerged to 1 metre in water for 30 minutes

Aluminium body

Pelican Lifetime Warranty


This torch can be upgraded to rechargeable with optional accessories.



Specifications – Pelican 7000 LED Tactical Flashlight

ANSIFL1 Standard Measurement Results for the Pelican 7000 pocket torch

LIGHT OUTPUT LEVELS   –  High, Medium, Low and Strobe

4 output levels allow you to maximise runtime by selecting the light level appropriate for the application. This can range from a maximum of 3 hours on high to a maximum of 57 hours on low.

Operating Modes   –   There are 4 programmable operating modes ;-

Lightly press switch within 0.5 second to change programming
1. High>Strobe>Medium>Low (7 light presses, then click)
2. High only (9 light presses, then click)
3. High>Medium>Low (11 light presses, then click)
4. Low>Medium>High (13 light presses, then click)

The  Programming is detailed in the video below. NB. This video was made prior to the upgrading to the higher light output. The figures referred to in the video ha now be improved dramatically.

BATTERY INDICATOR   –   A continuous battery level indicator is incorporate.

Lightly press the swich 6 times, each time within 0.5 seconds between presses so that the light comes on momentarily each time. Hold the button down on the 6th press. After 2 seconds the light will flash indicating the battery power status.

4 flashes  –  76% – 100%

3 flashes – 51% – 75%

2 flashes – 26% – 50%

1 flash – <25%

INGRESS PROTECTION RATING   –   Rain is not a problem. The 7000 has an Ingress Protection rating of IPX7  –  “Can be submerged to one metre for 30 minutes without any harmful effect.”

CONSTRUCTION   –   Body: Aluminium.   O-Ring: Nitrile   Lens: Polycarbonate   Contact spring retainer: Nickel plated spring steel.

INCLUSIONS   –   Batteries and spring steel clip

WARRANTY   –   Pelican Products, Inc. guarantees its flashlights and headlamps for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries.

WEIGHT   –   160 grams

DIMENSIONS   –   Length 135mm

ACCESSORIES   –   A USB charger is available to convert this to a rechargeable unit. Other optional accessories include traffic wands, colour filters, pouches aand helmet light holders.

Parts and Accessories

7075 Belt Holster  for the 7060LAPD and 7070R Torches

7077 Belt Holster  for the 7060LAPD and 7070R Torches

Cordura Nylon Belt Holster 2327

770 Pelican Universal Helmet Torch Holder

781 Blackjack Helmet Torch Holder

2322YW Yellow Traffic Wand

2322OR Orange Traffic Wand

6061F Direct Wiring Vehicle Power Cable

2386 USB Charger Kit

2388 USB Charger Kit w/o Battery

2389 Lithium Battery

2387 Battery casing

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