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Pelican 2750 Waterproof LED Headlamps

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Will Waterproof LED Headlamps with a 90 metre beam and a 2.5 hour runtime on high, meet your needs.The 2750 Head light is rugged, reliable and waterproof.

One red LED preserves night vision

Two white LEDs produce 259 lumens of bright white light.

Low mode initial output of 71 lumens with a runtime of 11 hours.

Lifetime Warranty

If you require similar but less powerful for a lower price and can tolerate a shorter runtime, then click here for the Pelican 2740 with 66 lumens output and 7 hour runtime.



Specifications – Pelican 2750 Waterproof Headlamps

ANSI FL1 Standard Measurement Results for the Pelican 2750 Headlamp

LIGHT MODES   –   High, Low and flashing for emergencies. Refer to the table on the left for full detail

IS RAIN A PROBLEM?  –  The 2740 has an Ingress Protection rating of IPX4  –  ”  Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect”

INCLUSIONS   –   Cloth strap for bare head and 3 x AAA batteries

WEIGHT   –   96 gram with batteries

CONSTRUCTION   –   Body, lens and shroud are polycarbonate and the O-ring is Over-moulded TPR

ACCESSORIES   –   Scroll down. Headstrap retainers are used to secure the cloth straps to hardhats and the adhesive backed adaptors allow the lighting mechanism to be mounted on most hardhats without using the strap.

WARRANTY   – An Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence. Pelican Products, Inc. guarantees its flashlights and headlamps for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries.

Parts and Accessories



2748 Pelican Strapless Headlamp Adapter Bracket suitable for 2740, 2745, 2750, 2755, 2760, 2765 headlamps



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Black, Photoluminescent, yellow


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